Is it 10:00?

“Betty, what are you doing?” asked the caregiver.

“I have to get dressed.  I have a 10:00 appointment.”

“Its 2:00 Betty.”

“Morning, or afternoon?”


She helped Betty get back into her hospital bed.  Betty tried this again two more times.

“But I have an appointment at 10:00.  I need to get dressed.”

“Betty, you don’t have an appointment today at 10.”

“Yes I do.”

“Here, let me help you get comfortable in your bed.”

Betty went to be with Jesus at 10:24 AM.

This is a true story.  Betty was my great aunt.  I wrote about her on her 97th birthday this past January.  I once told her that she has lived so long her friends, already in heaven, might think she passed and went the other direction.  In another conversation, “Your place, that Jesus promises to make for us in heaven, must really be something, because it has taken a long time to get it ready.”

We all have an appointment to keep one day.  When we too will stand before God.  I hope you’re ready like my aunt was.

“I love you Aunt Betty!  I’m going to miss you, but I’m glad you are home.”

Aunt Betty 97


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