Amazing Life

AprilIn Exodus 14:14-18 it says when the people heard they were scared. The Philistines writhed and trembled; Yes, even the head men in Edom were shaken, and the big bosses in Moab. Everybody in Canaan panicked and fell faint. Dread and terror sent them reeling.

Even today, people are watching believers of God. They are watching to see how life with God is. How it works. Does it work? Sometimes I wonder if they are watching to see the people of God fail as if hoping for a wreck at a NASCAR race. Believing in God does not guaranty a perfect life, but it does help your attitude stay calm while going through life, because you have peace knowing the one who loves you the most is in control.

In the Old Testament, the people of the land waited to see disaster come upon God’s people, but what they saw was His mighty hand. God fed them, they did not go hungry. He led them, they did not get lost. They did not get cold, nor hot. They did not thirst for He gave them water. They did not wither and die in the desert but lived. God is still providing for his people today, so his people can live.

Accept God, and begin to enjoy living, and while living your life you will experience his love. It’s amazing!

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