I Was a Pig!

050520A pig is very selfish.  Also, it will kick and scream to live until the very last drop of blood drips out of its body.  Pigs will do anything it takes to survive, and to get theirs.  Sound like anyone you know?

Okay, I would like to say I haven’t been that bad, but still, I too was a pig, until, God started converting me, patiently, and lovingly, to be a lamb.

Arthur Katz, in his book, “Reality: The Hope of Glory” writes about the difference in a lamb and a pig.  A lamb is quiet while it gives up its life, but a pig, will squeal and fight to the very end and will not choose, of its own will, to lay down its life for any reason, especially, for the benefit of another.

Art wrote about the experience he was given to take the life of a pig they were planning to roast.  After giving it some thought, he thought it was better to hand the knife to one who knew how to use it with surgical precision.

I don’t want to be a pig.  I don’t want to live the kind of life that would be considered selfish, dirty, self seeking just so my needs can be met.  I want to be a lamb.  In order to become a lamb, I must exercise my free will, and hand God the knife.  I must ask him to cut away, until everything inside of me that resembles a pig, will be removed.  Ouch!

What is my motivation for this desire?  Being a follower of Jesus Christ, and knowing the Bible talks about Jesus being a lamb.

John 1:36 (NET Bible)

Gazing at Jesus as he walked by, he said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”

Isaiah 53:7 (NET Bible)

He was treated harshly and afflicted,
but he did not even open his mouth.
Like a lamb led to the slaughtering block,
like a sheep silent before her shearers,
he did not even open his mouth.

The scripture in Isaiah was prophesying about Jesus.  Like Jesus did, I too desire to quietly give my life to God, for whatever purpose he has for me.  I don’t want to do it reluctantly, but with gladness in my heart.  Knowing that any personal suffering is only for a moment, but the effects will last forever.

Copyright © 2020 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

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