What Does Your Sign Say?

She’s 19 years old.  Engaged to the man of her dreams, so she thinks, but the longer our conversation went it became obvious to me she’s marrying this guy to escape her mother’s prison.  She’s not happy, not satisfied, and not fulfilled.  I tried to, in a gentle way, point out the flaws in her plans,

but I had forgotten;

19 year olds know everything.

I was asked how my weekend went, and I replied, ”Good.  I enjoyed it.  How was yours?”  “Oh, not so good,” said my friend.  I was surprised.  On the outside his life looks as if it is going well.  Apparently it’s not.  Who knew?  Later I offered to get together and be a sounding post if he wanted to vent, or share.  He said he appreciated that.

It seems, as if most of my life, others have shared with me what is going on in their lives.  Especially when it is not going well.  I was perplexed by this phenomenon for several years until one day I was told that it seems as if I have a shepard’s heart.  I should have known for many people have asked me if I was a pastor.  The truth is, I was supposed to be.  I was on the path to becoming one when I took a wrong turn in that fork in the road of life.

I could have taken the road on the right, and kept going, but I didn’t, and, well, the consequences took me out of ministry, but it didn’t change my heart.  I repented, and tried to get back on track, but it didn’t happen, but I digress.

I ask you today, “What message are you giving others?”  When someone meets you what are you saying to them?  Are you open to listening?  Does your sign tell them that you are only interested in your plans and goals?

There are people all around us that need hope, light in their dark world, they might just need someone to listen, to know someone cares, or more importantly, they might need God.

I try to imitate the life of Christ, and one thing I noticed is this; he took time for people.  I hope you do too.  I hope the message on your sign says, “Welcome.”

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4 thoughts on “What Does Your Sign Say?

  1. That says a lot about you that people feel safe sharing their struggles with you.
    I was recently talking with a young lady I had just met, and starting to share the gospel with her, when a man nearby overheard and started doing some “sharing” of his own.
    He basically took over the conversation, telling us why we needed to speak in tongues, why any Bible translation other than King James was not a legitimate Bible, and a few other things he was obviously passionate about. When he finally left us alone, it was quiet for a moment. Then I just felt led to ask the young lady one question. “How can I pray for you?”
    Her eyes filled with tears, as she said, “Please pray that I can get my children back.” Her heart was breaking, and neither I nor the impromptu preacher had had any idea. I made a mental “note to self”:

    • Thank you for your comment. We do have to be careful to listen first and discover what the other person’s real need is, and not simply preach “religion” to them. I would dare say, hearing that the King James Bible is the only Bible was not at the forefront of her heart. I’m so glad you stuck around and heard the need. Praying for the young lady as well.

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