Is This Heaven?

Today has been downright frustrating! First of all, I didn’t sleep much last night. That’s never a good way to start the day. I took April to the dentist and then I went to the gym. Shortly after picking her up, I got frustrated because she couldn’t tell me why the dentist pulled one of her teeth. That was not in the treatment plan for this visit or any of the four.

Fine. Silence the rest of the way home. A little bit later while I was trying to get some sleep April texted me that she was supposed to pick up a prescription. I don’t like having to get back out after getting home when I’m tired. We talked a little bit and then decided it was best to call the pharmacy to make sure it was ready before driving over there. It hadn’t even been called in.

I called the dentist’s office and informed them. They apologized and said they would call it in, but asked us to give the process an hour. Fine.  We gave it two hours. We stopped to get a small lunch and April a shake on the way. We were told the ice cream machine was being cleaned. What? Who does that during the lunch hour? We left. Trying to exit their parking lot we almost got the front of our car taken off by a big truck where, I guess, the driver never saw us. We went to another restaurant next door but decided to go to a different place. While making that decision in the parking lot a lady pulled in next to us and when she opened her door she dinged our car. I honked, but she never looked at me or cared to apologize.

We went on to the pharmacy without eating. When we arrived we learned the prescription had not been called in yet. What? I called the dentist’s office again. More apologies and was assured this time it would be done. It was.

We made our way to another franchise hoping their ice cream machine wasn’t being cleaned. It wasn’t. We ordered our lunch and April’s shake. We wound up getting a free drink of our choice, I got water, and they accidentally made two chocolate shakes and so they gave us the second one free. I felt so guilty!

During all those prior frustrating moments I complained, a lot! I know I expect too much out of people, too often, but I would hope they would be safe and apologize when they wrong somebody. When someone is rude and cuts in front of us April will say, “Their V.I.P.” I guess in their mind they are!

We got back home and I finally now was lying down and almost asleep. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Yep, the kid next door decided to play basketball. I hate the constant pounding of a basketball on concrete. It not only prevents me from sleeping but at times will cause a headache. So I got up to write this blog.

“Yes, there will be frustrating days, but I have come to give you peace,” Jesus said. At least in the MAB Translation. (Mark A. Brady) I had a little taste of peace and heaven while eating lunch and being blessed, but the rest of the day was anything but heaven!

I read a friend’s Facebook post where she talked about surviving a big home remodeling project and the only way she said she got through it was to die to herself. Hum. Perhaps I need to remember to do that on days like this. Help me Jesus to do so while submitting every day to you.

Copyright © 2022 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

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