How Long?

You read in Genesis the true story of Noah.  In Noah’s day the people were out of control.  The people did whatever seemed right to them in their own eyes.  God had had enough.  He was going to judge the ones who didn’t believe in Him and accept His means of salvation.

God told Noah rain was coming.  A lot of rain.  Enough to cover the entire earth and its tallest mountains even though it had never rained before.  God gave Noah a means of escaping the judgement.  Build a boat.  Noah believed, and while he was building this boat he told others what God had said, and no doubt everyone heard the message.

The boaNoahs Arkt was finished.  Two of every kind of animal was on board.  It started to rain, and Noah with his family entered the boat, their salvation from judgement.  When the people saw it was actually raining THEN they believed, and THEN they wanted saving, but it was too late.  So I wonder, how long did some of them float?  How many days did they last while hanging on to anything that would keep their head above water?  Then how far did they sink before their lungs filled up with water, and their life was over?

The Bible says in the last days it will be worse than in the days of Noah.  God has provided a boat, meaning a way to escape judgement.  And one doesn’t have to look around very far to see that people are living however they want to.  The boat, who is Jesus Christ, hasn’t left yet, but some are already drowning.  How long are you going to be able to keep your head above water?  What devices in life are you clinging onto thinking they will save you?  Are you sinking?

You don’t have to.  God has made a way of escape through His son Jesus whose death forgives you of everything wrong you have ever done if you believe and accept.  Accept this salvation before it is too late.  The first judgement was with water.  The second will be with fire, and I assure you God has just about had enough of the way people are living today.  He is only waiting for the last person to have an opportunity to hear the message.  Please don’t wait too late BEFORE you believe, for only God knows how long.

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