You Would Be Missed

Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you had never been born?  Okay Mark, “Did you watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” again this year?”  Yes, I did.  I do every year.  It’s a … well a tradition, but back to my question.  Have you?

I think it would be a travesty for anyone who is a disciple of Jesus Christ to have not been born.  You see when we do our best to be like Jesus we too are light that shines in a very dark world.  Perhaps the majority of us don’t save lives, or give our entire savings to those in need, but the little things we do would go undone, because you would not be here to do them.

The staying a little longer to help out, the written note showing your gratitude, the holding of a door while sharing a warm smile.  If you weren’t here who would do those things, and all of the other things that you do?

I know whether spoken or not the things you do for others in the love of Christ are noticed and appreciated.  And for some, the things you do make a difference.  You, yes you may be the brightest part of one’s day.  Without you in their life there possibly would only be darkness.  Please never underestimate the impact you have on people.  The same people that matter to God.  Who knows?  He may have orchestrated your life intersecting theirs so they feel Him and His love for them that day.

When you are in the family of God you have the unbelievable privilege of being a part of the greatest thing God does on earth…touching lives and building God’s kingdom for eternity.  So you see, when you are a child of God you really do have a wonderful life.

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