The Naked Tree

91878710_1505334622963387_7096843525702025216_nMy neighbor, across the street, is taking down his own tree, as you can see in the photo.  I looked out the window and commented, “That tree looks naked.”  I laughed, but then realized it will no longer serve its purpose.  The tree’s beauty will no longer be admired.  The shade, the tree once provided, the comfort, will no longer be there.

There is another tree, we tend to think about this week, in fact today, that was cut down, stripped of its leaves, and shaped to serve a purpose other than the one it was created for.  That’s right, the tree that was used as the cross Jesus was nailed to.  That tree would no longer be able to fulfill its original purpose, but was stolen by Satan, to be used for his purpose.

Then there is the Tree of Life, Jesus.  At the prime of his ministry, the religious leaders cut him down, took action to stop him from fulfilling his purpose.  They arrested Jesus, and made false accusations about him.  They stripped him of his outer garment, he became practically naked.  They beat him, and cut him as he was flogged with a whip that had stones in the ends of it.  They nailed him to the cross, and couldn’t wait for him to die.

Neither could Satan.

People ran and quarantined, hid themselves in their homes out of fear.  Kind of sounds like today’s times.  They thought all hope was gone.  Jesus had walked among them and showed them how to live, but more importantly, he showed them how to love.

The ironic thing, concerning the life of Jesus is this, those that were used by Satan to try to stop Jesus’ original purpose actually helped him achieve it.  Three days after they thought the story had ended, a new chapter began.  Jesus rose up and exited the grave, because he had defeated death.  Many of you may be feeling like your story is about to end, but no one has written, “The End” yet.  Jesus’ new story opens with him defeating all pain, all diseases, all sickness, and death itself.

Right now, it may feel like Friday night after Jesus had died, or Saturday afternoon, but Sunday is coming!  You may be losing hope, but Hope hasn’t lost you.  Your faith might feel weak, but the Author and Finisher of our faith is now seated at the right hand of God.  (Heb. 12:2)  And Jesus, the Tree of Life, is no longer naked, but clothed in glory!

Happy Resurrection Day Everybody!

Copyright © 2020 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Naked Tree

  1. Good thoughts. – Would you believe the piece I posted today is called “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming.”? (I know, not original, but I’ve “updated” the latter part of that classic message.) I guess great minds think alike. 😉
    I was told the legend of the dogwood years ago, how it was once big and strong and used for the Cross. The poor tree was so distressed about it that the Lord declared its trunk would be smaller and twisted from then on, so it could never again be used as an instrument of death. Its blossoms (in the shape of a cross) have the nail marks and blood stains at the edge of each petal and a center resembling a crown of thorns, to remind us of the Lord’s sacrifice. Just a legend, but still, nature can speak truths if we let it. 😉 Happy Resurrection Day!

    • Admission of guilt: I heard a minister preach “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming” (Insert smiling emoji here) My great grandmother had a coffee mug with the legend of the dogwood tree on it. I looked at it many times. Funny though, you’re the first person I can recall to mention the legend. I wish I had a great mind, but I rather believe the Holy Spirit wanted people to hear the same message this week. Tonight’s blog was not the one I had first had scheduled. Thanks for reading and your comment.

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